Metamorphoses Participant Information

Performing: December 14-16, 2023

Primal storytelling and modern sensibility collide in a re-envisioning of the Greek myths of Ovid, as gods and mortals alike endure love, loss, and transformation—all while immersed in a pool of water on stage. Swirling with passion, Tony Award winner Mary Zimmerman (author of ANW’s award-winning Argonautika) creates this masterpiece that mesmerizes with tales of Midas, Orpheus, Aphrodite, and more in a whimsical and heartbreaking meditation on the joys and perils of being human.

Ages: 13–18
Venue: Rehearsals at Arlington Children’s Theatre, 115 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA

Performances at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School in Waltham

Fee: $450 due at registration.

No refunds thereafter.

ACT is committed to providing access for any child who wishes to participate. Families who are interested in confidentially inquiring about registration relief in order for their child(ren) to participate at ACT should contact the Treasurer at

Registration: Register


A waitlist is maintained

Children of ACT Board members are granted a limited early registration period.

ACTor/Parent Meeting: Friday, October 13 (location TBA)

All actors and one parent must attend the informational meeting where we will share more details about the production, the audition process and begin sign-ups for volunteer committees.

Auditions: Thursday, November 2
Rehearsals: First Rehearsal: November 6

Rehearsals (in general): Mon – Thu, 5pm – 8pm, plus Sundays as needed

ACTors will only be required for rehearsals where their character is called. Absences are strongly discouraged, and more than two absences during the staging of any single scene will result in the ACTor being cut from the scene. Attendance is mandatory for all runs and technical and dress rehearsals unless written permission from the artistic director is requested and received, prior to the audition workshop.

Performances: Thu. Dec. 14 at 7pm

Fri. Dec. 15 at 7pm

Sat. Dec. 16 at 2pm and 7pm